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Chew toy with deer horn

Chew toy with deer horn

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Handcrafted, natural chew toy made from precious deer antlers, carved vertically for better access to the marrow inside.

Such preparation allows easy access to a spongy interior of the bone, making biting and chewing easier. Specially designed for dogs with a more sensitive jaw and tooth structure.

Toy Length: 30cm S/M 40L

Rope Diameter: 10mm S/M 12mm L

Perfect for dogs that like to bite and tug, Composed of various antler fragments.

Rexproduct's Antler Split Sticks are a 100% natural line of treats for dogs of all breeds and almost all ages.

Each product is made from antlers thrown across Polish forests by deer, daniels and elk during the spring season. No animal was harmed during the process.

Only the highest quality antlers are selected for the manufacturing process.

The salvaged units are cleaned with the water jet and then subjected to a fine hand wash.

Sterilized with steam, polished and finally washed again without the addition of artificial substances.

Thanks to the composite structure, the sticks do not leave bone splinters. The most important thing is that our sticks hold your dog's attention for a long time and cover the need to bite, which influences the production of serotonin, known as the happy hormone.

To keep it fresh, soak the bite stick in boiling water for a few minutes after your dog has been distracted by other factors.

Analytical composition of the product: bone tissue 54%, proteins 32%, fat 0.1%, collagen 3%, calcium 21g/100g, phosphorus 10g/100g, magnesium 26mg/100g, iron 998ppm, Sodium 0.4%, Potassium 0.02%

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