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Kater Kasimir

Cat balls made of cork, natural feathers and sisal rope

Cat balls made of cork, natural feathers and sisal rope

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Cats love to chase small animals.

These cat balls perfectly mimic a small prey bird or animal.

The cat ball consists of natural feathers, which are attached to a piece of natural cork.

The cork comes from Portugal.

The bell at the bottom of the ball comes from Europe's last bell manufactory in the fifth generation in Nuremberg.

The monkey fist is knotted from sisal rope. There is also a small bell inside.

Every KATER KASIMIR toy is lovingly handcrafted in our factory in Engelskirchen near Cologne. Predominantly young mothers are employed, who can organize their working hours freely by working from home. This allows them to combine their family life and an additional income with as little stress as possible.

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