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Hardys Love Affair Salmon & Trout 185g

Hardys Love Affair Salmon & Trout 185g

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To ensure optimal digestibility and to avoid unnecessary fillers, Hardy's Love Affair natural food for cats does not use grain in its recipe. Instead, the company relies on natural and species-appropriate nutrition for the cat. This means that the cat food contains plenty of meat and is based on the eating habits of wild cats.

Hardy's Love Affair natural food for cats consists of high-quality ingredients such as muscle meat, organs such as lungs and liver, and high-quality offal such as heart and stomach. The meat or fish content is always 70 percent and is therefore ideal for a balanced and species-appropriate diet for cats. Thanks to this high quality of ingredients, the cat food is also rich in high-quality protein and contains important omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for the health and well-being of cats.

Hardy's Love Affair natural food for cats deliberately avoids sugar and grain to ensure high digestibility and species-appropriate nutrition. Instead, the company relies on natural and high-quality ingredients that meet the needs of cats. With Hardy's Love Affair natural food for cats, cat owners can be sure that their four-legged friends are getting a balanced and species-appropriate diet.


35% salmon, 35% trout, 28.7% broth, 1% minerals, 0.2% evening primrose oil, 0.1% watercress

analytical components

8.0% protein, 9.2% fat content, 0.3% crude fiber, 3.0% crude ash, 78.0% moisture

Nutritional additives per kg

Zinc as zinc sulfate monohydrate 25 mg, manganese as manganese(II) sulfate monohydrate 1.4 mg, iodine as calcium iodate anhydrous 0.75 mg, copper as copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate 2 mg, taurine 1,500 mg

feeding recommendation

70-135g at 2-3 kg weight
115-195g at 4-5 kg ​​weight
150-240g at 6-7 kg weight
185-285g at 8-9 kg weight

Please note that the feeding amounts given are only guide values. Feed the food at room temperature. In order to be able to take better account of your cat's individual living conditions, such as exercise, activity, breed, metabolism and season, the recommended feeding amounts should be regarded as approximate values.

We also recommend regular weight checks to ensure your cat is maintaining its ideal body weight.

In addition, it is important to provide your cat with fresh drinking water at all times to ensure optimal hydration.

With these tips and an adjusted diet, you can ensure your cat stays healthy and happy.

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