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Chicken & Carrot 125g

Chicken & Carrot 125g

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Hardy's reward cookies are the perfect crunchy treat for in between meals. Hardys attaches great importance to high-quality dog ​​food and this is also reflected in the reward biscuits. Each variety is baked with fresh meat from predominantly German regions and contains other important ingredients such as food-grade fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Hardy's Vital Reward Cookies Chicken & Carrot are natural and tasty crunchy fun for in between. Hardy's uses fresh, humanely reared chicken and turns it into a delicious reward biscuit along with all-natural ingredients like carrots. As with all Hardys products, the reward biscuits are free from artificial preservatives, coloring and flavorings. The biscuits are prepared by hand and gently baked in Germany to ensure quality and compatibility. We can offer these reward biscuits to dogs of all sizes and ages with a clear conscience, as they are also very well tolerated by sensitive four-legged friends.

The reward biscuits are not only delicious, but also well tolerated. They are ideal for all dogs, including those with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Spoil your four-legged friend with this natural crunchy fun and give him a treat he will look forward to!


Edible oat flour, edible oat flakes 1 A sheet, poultry meat meal, fresh yoghurt, carrot, apple, seaweed, rapeseed oil, beetroot, cinnamon, honey, rosemary

analytical components

11.2% crude fat, 63.7% nitrogen-free extractives, 2.7% crude ash, 15.5% crude protein, 3.0% crude fiber, 3.9% water

feeding recommendation

We recommend conducting regular weight checks to ensure your dog is maintaining its ideal body weight.

In addition, it is important that you provide your dog with fresh drinking water at all times to ensure optimal hydration.

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