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Magister Doskar

tick tongs

tick tongs

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The original tick tweezers by Magister Oskar. Unsurpassed in decades.


The tick tweezers enable ticks to be removed safely, even on larvae and nymphs.


The tick tweezers have a size of about 9.5 cm. Due to its size, it is never obtrusive and can even be attached to a shirt or trouser pocket (similar to a ballpoint pen) thanks to the integrated clipper.


It is used by pressing the white button at the top of the tick tweezers. This leads to the gripper opening at the lower end of the tick tweezer. The opened grippers are placed as close to the skin as possible around the tick's legs.

Larvae and nymphs between 0.5-2mm (with 3 pairs of legs) are gripped directly on the body, adult ticks between 3-4mm (sucked up to 11mm with 4 pairs of legs) are gripped with the hole opening between the mouthparts and the body.

The white push button is now slowly released, causing the grippers to close. The tick can be easily removed by slowly turning counterclockwise (this is an explicit specification from the manufacturer). It takes about 2-3 turns to do this.

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